In 1999, I was young and passionate, tirelessly studying the art of shoe cobbling in the East End of London. Once back in the states, I re- connected with a wise woman many years my senior who would influence the direction of my life. My great aunt would ask me, "How are those shoes going my dear?" When I shared my dreams about creating beautiful things, she said don't wait, go out and do it. I listened.

In June 2007, I created my first company, Crispin of Lynn, LLC. Although I am not religious, the name is derived from St. Crispin, the Patron Saint of Shoemaking, and Lynn, Massachusetts, which was the birthplace of the domestic shoe industry in the United States. Lynn also happens to be my middle name. It was that very same year that my fiery, high-spirited aunt, known to me as Ella g, passed on.

The next 3 years were spent designing beautiful shoes for amazing companies, while indulging in my own creative whims. A born entrepreneur, along the way I dipped my toe in many different start-ups, from childrens shoes to pet toys, to stationary companies-- all while maintaining my designing day job. Creating beautiful things had become my life-blood.

In 2010, after I turned my first handbag sketches into real product, I knew I had found my focus. I fell in love with leather and the art of creating 3 dimensional shapes. I love its feel and the way it takes form when a design comes to life. Combining art with function is what Ella g is all about. So much like a phoenix, my brand, Ella g was born again in 2011.

The name Ella g is a family name passed down through generations. It's a name that the women of my family bear proudly, remembering the strength that came before them.

Ella g, the brand, is based on functional quality, ageless beauty and timeless design. Our products are simple, classic, cool.

Welcome to the world of Ella g.

Xoxo, Eg

Simple. Classic. Cool.

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